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Easter time in the Cayman Islands

Easter is a time that often evokes fond memories of family gatherings, Easter egg hunts and in many cases – the first sign that spring is here and winter is gone!
For us in the Cayman Islands, we don’t experience the same ‘post-snow’ relief, but we do experience an elated, light-hearted holiday that has grown to become a very important holiday for the Cayman Islands.

Probably thanks to the strong Christian heritage, traditions of attending church and spending time together as a family are of great importance – especially during such holiday. There is one special element that is not aligned solely to this theory, and that is the ‘Camping Tradition’.

If you have the opportunity to be able to spend the Easter holiday in the Cayman Islands, you will definitely see first-hand how the once a year camping tradition comes alive! Tents on the beach, family picnics, sand castles and even the odd domino tournament under a shade tree – are all common sites. The beauty of it is that residents take a break from their busy lifestyle and enjoy the beautiful outdoor living that so many visitors come to see every year.

Snorkeling, kite surfing, jet skiing, boating and scuba diving are just a few of the past times that will keep everyone busy. And don’t forget about the food! Whether it’s an upscale family brunch or a fish fry on the beach; there are no shortage of culinary delights to take advantage of.

The annual catboat regatta takes place on Easter Monday, as does the annual Kite Fest at Kaibo. Both events celebrate Caymanian heritage and traditions that have helped shape the Cayman into what it is today.

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