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Fall in love with the Island Life

The fall is a quieter time in the Cayman Islands but its the perfect time of year to take advantage of the off season discounts and experience Grand Cayman like a local. With the islands being so small, most people love to explore every nook and cranny that their schedule will allow. Whether its a hidden snorkel spot or a local restaurant such as a fish fry on the beach! Our guests are always keen to get the insider scoop which is why we have decided to highlight some of our favourite local recommendations…

1. Meet new people at Happy Hour: The local paper always has a full list of weekly specials so you can find all the hot spots to enjoy discounted drinks and bites while the sun goes down.  Just to name a few…

  • Bar Crudo, below Guy Harveys in George Town has great drink specials every day between 5 and 7pm
  • Side Bar, at Grand Cayman Beach Suites on Seven Mile Beach has 50% off beverages from 5 to 7pm. A brilliant place to see the sunset by the pool.
  • The Wharf, Happy hour from 5-7 p.m. with free hors d’oeuvres. This incredible location is famous for sunset pics. There is often live music on Fridays which is also a nice treat.
  • Da Fish Shack: Happy Hour 4 to 7 p.m. 20 percent off all appetizers. A casual islandy bar on the waterfront in George Town where you must try a local favourite – the fried bread fruit (almost like a potato wedge)

2. Try some local food like stewed conch, fish tea (a soup) or some fish and fritters on the beach. There are quite a few no frills  places where you are bound to have one of your best meals while on island!

  • Grape Tree Cafe in Bodden Town. Its only open Thursday – Sunday and its a little hut on the beach in Bodden Town with a simple but tasty menu. The portions are large but plan to stick with the fish and fritters. If you need other sides or alcoholic beverages – plan to pack a cooler.
  • Ms. Vivines Kitchen in East End. This is as authentic as it gets. If you arent staying up this side it is still worth the drive. The weekend will have the most extensive menu since Sundays are the most popular day for indulging in the local favourites such as stewed conch. This location is not licensed, but after you enjoy a leisurely lunch and a swing in the hammock you can finish your island tour off at Rum Point and try their famous Mud Slide.
  • Singhs Roti Shop: The doubles will be your most economical meal while youre on island. This $2 treat is delicious and pretty filling. If you want something a little bigger – go for the curry chicken roti. This place attracts locals and visitors of all walks. On a busy lunch hour you might run into a banker, a member of Government or a few guys playing dominoes.

3. Head out on the North Sound for Sunday Funday. It is rare that there are cruise ships in on a Sunday so its a day when the locals are out enjoying the sun, sea and sand. Even if you dont have your own boat you can always rent a boat or jet ski, or book a charter to see Stingray City, Rum Point, Starfish Point and Kaibo. Even as a local – it never gets old!

No matter what you do or where you go you will be bound to meet a local resident or a Caymanian who will happily share their top tips and secret spots to help you create your own adventure and experience the Cayman Islands like a local. That friendless and charm of those who have chosen to make Cayman their home is what we call Cayman Kind. Its the subtle touch that makes so many people fall in love with the island life and keeps them coming back year after year!