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Top frequently asked questions
  • How long in advance should I make my reservation?

    The more in advance you book, the better the availability. We suggest you reserve at least a few months in advance. It’s possible to book last minute too but your choices may be limited. You’ll be asked for a credit card number and a 50% in order to confirm your reservation.

  • Where is the Cayman Villas office?

    The address is 177 Owen Roberts Drive, close to the airport just beyond the rental car agencies.

  • Are there other good beaches besides Seven Mile Beach?

    Yes, there are fabulous beaches all around the Islands of Grand Cayman and Little Cayman. Some popular beaches are Rum Point, Starfish Point to name a few. Whether you want a good snorkeling beach or white sand, just ask us!

  • Do I need to bring anything like linens or beach towels?

    No. We provide it all. Please check our website for more details on what is provided in your villa.

  • What are some activities for my kids?

    Where do we start?!  Swimming with the sea turtles, Stingray City, mini-golf, snorkeling at Rum Point, movies at Camana Bay. The Cayman Islands is known as a family friendly destination! Please ask your reservations agent when booking or feel free to email any questions to [email protected] and we will be happy to make recommendations based on your interests.

  • What airport do I fly into?

    Only one airport on Grand Cayman, Owen Roberts International Airport. GCM. For Little Cayman, it’s LYC

  • What airlines serve GCM directly?

    Westjet, Delta, U.S. Airways, American Airlines, Cayman Airways, British Airways, Jet Blue, Air Canada, United

  • What voltage are the plugs?

    It’s just like the US or Canada. 110 volts

  • Do I need trip insurance?

    We highly recommend that our guests obtain travel insurance. Feel free to review the CSA Travel Protection that many of our guests use:

  • What supplies will be at the Property on my arrival?

    Each property is individually owned and has an independent Property Manager (except for our Regal Beach Club units), so the supplies provided for guests on arrival may very slightly. The following items will generally be found in all our CV properties: Toilet Paper (approx. 3 rolls in each bathroom), Paper Towels (at least 1 full roll), garbage bags, dishwashing liquid, hand soap and salt and pepper only – what we call a “Guest Starter Kit”.  The Department of Tourism specifically state that short term rental properties are only allowed to provide salt and pepper, and any open/used condiments and spices must be discarded after each guest. Property Managers would have to purchase all new condiments and spices for each guest, and that is not a feasible option. Some properties may also provide coffee filters, sunscreen, Off Mosquito Spray and hotel sized toiletries, but these are not guaranteed. All items listed can be purchased on island.

  • What if I leave something in the property after my departure? Can this be shipped back to me at my home address?

    We understand that guests leave items in the unit, by accident, not realizing until they get home. As soon as you notice that you have left something (an item of clothing, a phone charger) please let Cayman Villas and/or your Property Manager know via email; confirming where you left it; and give a detailed description of the item. 9 times out of 10 the housekeepers find items left by guests and give them to the Property Manager. Please note that any items left outside, on a dock or by a pool, we cannot guarantee that they will be found. Furthermore, we have had guests swear they left items at the property, and then they have found them in their beach bag or purse or realized they may have left them at a beach they were snorkeling at! Cayman Villas and your Property Manager will do all we can to help you locate the item and then have it mailed back to you, at the address provided, for a Service Charge of US$50 plus the shipping costs, as it is very time consuming for both the Property Manager and Cayman Villas to have to deliver, package, weigh/inspect and then mail/ship items back to guests overseas.

I have two properties that I let through Cayman Villas. I’m very happy with the service they provide: they have a long reach into the North American market and are responsive, helpful and full of good suggestions to help me get the best out of my investments. Their account reporting  is clear, and the punctuality and accuracy of their monthly rent transfers takes all the stress out of the money side of the operation. As an owner, I can’t recommend Cayman Villas highly enough.
We had A GREAT time! Truly it was the best vacation either of us has had in years... the cottage was great and we loved Little Cayman. We will definitely be back.
The villa surpassed our expectations! It was the perfect property and Cayman Villas were the perfect host! Thank you for the best snorkelling EVER!! Rebecca from the UK.